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This is the page of the professionals who are making plastic hair ornaments!
It is a direct and immediate information for you direct from the manufacturing place on job, telling you how we make those gaur accessories, how they will be sold etc.
We are pleased for serving those who are interested in creating and producing by you.

Flow chart from design through sales

Others(These pages are only Japanese)

Design Design using CorelDraw Technique by CorelDraw Technique by CorelDraw
=Japanese only=
Manufacture Manufacturing process Link Various links
=Japanese only=
Sample We are making these ones
Diamond and acrylic 7/10
Note The latest news like
=Japanese only=
Circulation The actual market-flow
Profile The concerning persons
=Japanese only=

Calendar Download of the cdr file
=Japanese ver.=

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Akira Ogahara/Hideko Ogahara
Translation : Mitsuo Nomura (Our brother)
Cooperation : Ogahara Kougei

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