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Last modified on : Jul. 10, 2005.

How to contact the administrator

Please use an E-mail to contact the administrator.

E-mail address with an image

I do not describe the address with text for avoiding SPAM mails.

See the next section when the image is not available.

This is an image includes the E-mail address.
Click this image or following link to (E)nlarge.

E-mail address with text

You can get the E-mail address by applying the following actions to the target text.

target text : sell_fir_you_at_saw_turn.dtif.new.jp

  1. Replace the string "_at_" to "@".
  2. Remove the all 'f's, 'l',s and 'w's.
  3. Remove the all '_'s.

E-mails in other language

E-mails must be written in English or Japanese. I need much time for responding to English messages because I am not good at English. When E-mails in Chinese are given, I'll spend more time for understanding. I can't respond to E-mails in other languages.

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