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Last modified on : Aug. 9, 2002.

Introduction about my softwares

You can get the softwares I programmed.
Please agree to the (C)autions before use.
Some softwares are programmed in Japanese.

Petit Clock ver. 1.0


I made a clock again. I used large font because I'm nearsighted.
Preparing a bitmap file in same directory, you can change the face. Notice that bitmap file must be same size as default one.
I think it's useful because this clock displays the day of the week.

File Compare Assistant ver. 1.1


You can compare the files easily. If you want, you can also all files in specified directory including the all sub direcories. File compare assistant assists you to verify your files backuped.

Bitmap informations ver. 1.1


You can get the informations about the specified bitmap files. Additionally, you will know how many colors used in the bitmap when it is full-colored.

AAAI's Icons for Turco C++ ver. 1.0


This is not a software but icon resources. Those icons are useful for C Programmers.



This is the software for display the date and time.
I programmed with hand-assembling.

Gray Tone Exchanger ver. 1.2


The software to convert gray scaled bitmap to 1bit bitmap.
Click the link to view the example; left bitmap is before and right one is after converting.

AAAI's Clock ver. 3.3a


This is a clock. You can select displaying the time with digital, analog, or both.
You must get "AAAIfcba.dll" to execute this software, and that is included in the package.

AAAI Full Color Bitmap Access ver. 2.2a


AAAIfcba.dll supports treating the bitmap files. This dll is not executable.

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