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Last modified on : Mar. 30, 2006.

Introduction about my musics

You can listen and take out my musics. Some titles are recorded in Japanese.

Canon March - Orchestral Generation


I arranged Canon (Johann Pachelbel) which is my favolite music, but I still wonder that I'd spell it 'canon'. Should I spell 'Kanon'?

Only 30 sec play when you click the lite version. Please download to listen whole of this music.

The Breeze - Bring My Love


The torn lovers still love each other. "If I were a breeze, I come and see you soon.... Listen to my heart, listen to my mind. I believe the breeze brings my love to you, and now I'm still singing...."

Cheerfully Go! Go! - Loopable Version


A funny song I made on my bicycle. You can get "Full version" one to click the button for download.

The Old Orgel - Lite Version


The old orgel carries me back to my childhood. The melody in this was a cradle song for me.
Precious memories about this, I never forget.

Waltzing Matilda - Short Version


"Waltzing Matilda" is one of the most famous song in Australia, And it's my favorite song.

Jingle Bell - Orchestral Harps Lite Version


"Jingle Bell" is loved song in the world. It's impossible not to hear this song on Christmas.

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