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Last modified on : Aug. 9, 2002.

Cautions about BBS

I'm sorry this BBS guides are Japanese only.

The following are the cautions for all to use this BBS system.

Forbidden Messages

  1. Messages include the criminal content or content which aids or abets to commit a crime
  2. Messages for defamimig or insulting others
  3. Messages for infringing on privacy (e.g. revealing a real name, an address or a telephone number)
  4. Messages for deceiving others (e.g. giving an other's name)
  5. Unrelated messages to these sites (e.g. messages for only advertisement)
  6. Messages for preelection campaigning or writing similar to that
  7. Obscene and offensive messages
  8. Messages for discriminating against others for the reasons of a race, sex, nationality, handicap, etc.
  9. Messages which is not suitable to this BBS

About Deleting Writings

The messages which violate above rules are deleted by administrator without any warnings. Even if in this case, I have no liability to announce the reason.

Messages in other language

Messages on this BBS must be in English or Japanese. I need much time for responding to English messages. When Chinese messages are given, I'll spend more time for understanding. I can't respond to messages in other languages.

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